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The Importance of a good


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3 Reasons Your Bookkeeper Matters More Than Your Accountant

The most important thing to clarify here is that a good bookkeeper can help your small business more than an accountant.   Finding that perfect fit of personality, skill and experience is difficult but we know how much we, at Approved Bookkeeping, are able to help our clients and we want to make sure you are not missing out on valuable advice.

1. You See Your Bookkeeper More Than Once Per Year

Unlike bookkeepers, most accounting professionals only speak to their clients during tax time or at the most frequent they might be in touch quarterly for GST filing obligations.   

This leaves an entire year where you may be struggling, doing things inefficiently or even missing things altogether.   There are so many opportunities for a business owner to save time, find new opportunities and improve the way that they do things that these infrequent visits are just not enough.  

2. The Cost Of Talking To Your Accountant

Accountants have such specialised knowledge, most of which does not apply to most small business owners.   This is why their hourly rate is so high and that price tag may make you feel hesitant to approach them with basic questions.

However, many experienced bookkeepers not only charge a lower hourly rate than accountants but they are also used to dealing with the day to day use of your bookkeeping software like Xero or Sage or Quickbooks.   Therefore, they can help you to learn your software, make your bookkeeping more efficient or even take some of the bookkeeping off of your hands as your business grows.  

A good bookkeeper can even help you to prepare to send your year-end in to your accountant which will save your accountant time in getting your tax ready and save you on your overall accounting bill.  

3. The Benefits of Regular Contact

A bookkeeper with business advisory experience is one who will also help your business in ways that you may never have thought to contact your accountant for as well.

With someone interacting with you and your business two or more times per month, they will be able to notice things that less frequently contacted advisors would not.   Things such as lags in cashflow, inefficient processes, inventory management advice or other business performance indicators can all be monitored and trigger an important discussion for your business.  

The experience, both in Canada and abroad, that we have in-house at Approved Bookkeeping is invaluable to your business and something that few other bookkeeping firms can provide.  The best part is that you do not need to pay a bookkeeper to notice these things, they are just things that experienced advisors naturally come across with regular interaction with their clients and their bookkeeping results.


Do not wait to make your life easier and see a bookkeeper today, if you are a business in Canada you can Contact Us and see how even just an initial conversation might show you the value of a regular trusted advisor as part of your business.

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